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"First Year - Start Here" Online Course

Your first year with a light show can be overwhelming, especially if it's already later in the fall. There are so many different types of hardware to research and software terms and tools to learn, that it can seem like an impossible feat to create a light show in time for this year.

The "First Year - Start Here" course (created in collaboration with Synchronized Christmas, Inc.), turns all of those options and information into a step-by-step guide for your first year with a Light-O-Rama powered show. In our seven main Modules, we'll walk through the process of creating a light show from "Those light show videos online are cool, I want to do that" to "There's a light show playing outside on my house right now." No more need to sort through all of the information the internet has to offer - we've condensed everything you need to know into video content and optional "test your knowledge" quizzes created exclusively for this course.

To begin, you'll learn common terms and definitions used in the light show industry, as well as information about the Light-O-Rama system as a whole that will be explained in further detail throughout the Modules in this course. You can watch this module for free!


Before you ever open the software or purchase a controller, you need to make some decisions about your display. This Module will help you make four major decisions:

  • What is your budget and what size display can you create for that amount?
  • How are you going to acquire sequences and how does that affect your options for layout?
  • How are you going to control your show?
  • How are you going to control your show?

Don't forget to look at our Create Your Own Harmony Sequence series before starting this Module.


Based on your decisions in Module 2, we'll build a preview in a follow-along format, meaning you'll pause the video in this Module multiple times to work on your own display. By the end of this Module, you'll have a completed Preview (the visualization of your display) built in the demo version of the Light-O-Rama software.


Building off of Module 3, you'll learn about the different hardware and components you'll need to purchase in order to make your virtual layout come to life.


In addition to purchasing hardware, you'll also need to purchase a software license. This Module will help you understand which software license is right for you.


Once all of your equipment has arrived and your lights are installed, Module 6 will guide you through setting the Unit IDs on your AC channel controllers and connecting your entire system together in preparation for your show.


In the final Module of the course, we'll teach you how to schedule your shows using a computer or a Showtime Director, whichever you're using for your show. Once you complete this Module, you'll be ready for opening night!


If you decide to create your own sequences instead of ordering custom sequences or pre-programmed sequences from a vendor, this Module will give you an overview of the AC channel effects and toolbars in the Light-O-Rama Sequencer. Once you have an understanding of all of the options, it's up to you to add in your creativity to create sequences unique to your display!


To sign up for the First Year Start Here course (and any future courses), create a free account on our course platform at

If you would like to take the entire First Year, Start Here course later this fall, you can purchase access to all of the course modules for $40.00. However, since it's still early in the spring, you can earn 25% off just for planning ahead - simply use the enrollment code FYSH25LH1 at check out.

Preview Creation

Before you order Custom Sequences or Create Your Own Harmony Sequences, you need to create a preview in Light-O-Rama S5, which is the technical term for the layout of your lights. These tutorials will help you prepare your Preview, either to export and send to us before a custom sequencing agreement is signed, or so that you can see what your Create Your Own Harmony sequences look like virtually before the premiere of your display.

Create New, Import & Export

AC Channel Props

Smart RGB Props

Channel Conflicts & Bulk Changes

Scheduling Your Shows

After you've recieved your Custom Sequences or Create Your Own Harmony Sequences, you'll need to set up your show schedule for the season, either through the show and schedule editor if you're using a computer, or the Hub if you're using a Showtime Director and SD card.

Show Editor

Schedule Editor

SD Cards (Simple Mode)

SD Cards (Advanced Mode)

Personal Technical Support and Training

All Luminous Harmony Custom Sequencing clients are provided with free technical support for the duration of the season within the scope of their project agreement. Create Your Own Harmony Sequencing clients are provided with free technical support relating to importing C.Y.O.H. sequences.

Non-clients (or previous clients without an active agreement) may purchase time for personal technical support at a rate of $75.00 per hour. Particularly in the months of October, November, and December, availabilty for non-client support is limited since active clients are given first priority. Please email to discuss options and availability.

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