Brief overviews of each of our service areas are below

  • Custom Sequencing allows you to choose to have any song programmed to any size display and layout configuration that includes AC channels, smart RGB, dumb RGB, or singing faces.
  • The Create Your Own Harmony Series is a unique style of sequences, allowing you to choose from different configurations for each set of 16 channels rather than the typical “canned” sequence model.
  • Animation Sequencing is a great way to showcase slower lighting effects between your musical shows, on a display where it's not possible to broadcast music, or for locations that purposely do not intend to have music.
  • Our Custom Layout Design Services provide you with the opportunity to have a unique layout designed for your home, business, or commercial venue. We can provide 2D or 3D computer rendered layout designs (and more) of your venue to ease the process of planning and installation.
  • If you're new to Light-O-Rama and need first year training, we can help. Visit our Training and Support page to learn more.

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