Custom Sequencing


Custom sequencing allows you to configure your house/venue with any layout and add any songs to your holiday line up. A Luminous Harmony custom show will be 100% tailored to your specific layout, making your show one of a kind. We will work with you to bring your vision to life, or if you don't know any more than that you want lights programmed to music, let our years of experience take the reins and create a custom show that is truly unique.

Due to our list of recurring projects after over a decade in business, we are able to accept limited new projects each season. We give clients from the previous season the first opportunity to rebook each January for the next year, then accept new projects (as space allows) beginning each February. If you would like to be added to our waiting list in the event that project space becomes available in our calendar, please fill out this form to be placed on our Custom Sequencing Waiting List. Please note that it could take multiple years to reach your project depending on display size and length of music.

We suggest looking at our sequence store as an alternative option if we are unable to reach your display this year.

Residential Pricing

Custom 'Traditional' AC Channel Show

Prices are calculated based on the number of channels in your display, the seconds of audio being programmed, and how far in advance the order is placed relative to the delivery date. A contract must be signed and a deposit must be paid in order for discounts to apply. Requested delivery dates may be no later than November 1 of the current calendar year (extenuating circumstances will be evaluated on a case by case basis). Additional fees will apply if sequences are ordered less than 30 days from the requested delivery date (if sequencing space is still available).

Discounted Price (7.5+ Months) Discounted Price (6+ Months) Regular Price (Under 6 months)
25% off quoted price 15% off quoted price Contact for a quote

Prices for singing faces vary based on complexity of the song an are not counted as regular AC channels; please include information about your singing faces when you contact us for a quote.

Custom Smart RGB (Pixel) Pricing

If you have RGB elements in your display, no problem! We can add them into a sequence that also includes AC channels, or create a show of entirely RGB.

Our RGB pricing varies depending on how your lights are organized (in multi or single strand props), if your display is solely RGB or also has AC lights, and what type of RGB lights are in your display (smart or dumb). Discounted rates for orders placed earlier in the season are offered in the same structure as programming for regular channels; please include as much information as possible about your layout when you fill out the Custom Sequencing Waiting List Form.

Example Custom Sequencing Pricing - Combination Show

In this example, your song is two minutes and 30 seconds long. This would be 150 seconds of audio. Your display contains 32 regular AC channels (equal to two Light-O-Rama Pro/Residential controllers), one "multi-strand" smart pixel prop using a Pixie16 controller, a 16x50 mega tree, and multiple smaller pixel props: 4 roofline sections and 4 pixel arches. Because there are a combination of different props in this display, the pricing for the AC channels is lower than the 'Solo AC Show' pricing.

You ordered your sequence on April 25 (within the 15% off range) and requested that your sequence be delivered by November 1.

32 AC Channels $1.75 x 150 seconds $262.50
Large Pixel Prop (1) - Mega Tree $1.50 x 150 seconds $225.00
Small Pixel Props (8) - Roof Arches $1.95 x 150 seconds $292.50
SubTotal $780.00
15% Discount -$117.00
Total $663.00

Commercial Pricing

Additional services and training are generally provided for commercial entites and city municipalities vs. residental clients due to the scope of the project and additional communication and planning hours required. Please contact us for more information about requirements, pricing, and discount date ranges if you are working with a drive thru or other commercial location.

Quality Assurance

At Luminous Harmony, we believe in the motto “you get what you pay for.” Backed by 20+ years of music experience, we take the time to program all of our Custom and Create Your Own Harmony sequences to the actual rhythms of each instrument and vocal line rather than delivering a show composed of simple repeated chase and flickering on/off commands. Due to the time and effort we put into each of our sequences, we encourage you to submit your display to our waiting list well before your premiere date in order to secure a spot with us for the season (and to recieve the best discounts)! An example of the high quality programming effects in each Luminous Harmony sequence is shown below.

Sample section of Luminous Harmony code.

Set Up Requirements

In order to create Light-O-Rama sequences, your virtual layout (or "preview") needs to be created within the software before programming can begin. All Luminous Harmony sequencing is done in the Light-O-Rama Sequencer and may be used with S5 or S6. We do not offer sequencing services for S4, S3, S2, or S1 software. We highly recommend that you create the Preview file yourself in order to ensure that everything is in the correct location and that RGB devices are configured in the correct direction. Please visit our Training and Support page for assistance.

If you are unsure of how to design your display or assign your channels, we would be happy to help you create a display from scratch or set up a consulting arrangement as you design your layout. Please visit our Custom Layout Design Services page for more information.

If you already have your display designed and you just need assistance creating the preview itself, the following documents must be provided to us at the time you request a quote (additional set up fees will apply):

  • A spreadsheet listing prop type, Unit ID & channel assignments, light strand colors, and drawing reference numbers (template can be provided if needed)
  • A drawing of all of the lighting elements on top of a picture of your home/venue with clear numerical references to the spreadsheet file
  • Digital pictures of any non standard fixtures or devices
  • Written indication of any programming restrictions for devices (example - if your strobe lights can only be turned on or off, no fades)

If you'd like to have us create your preview as part of your project (above documentation MUST be provided), please let us know you are interested when you submit your waiting list request (additional fees will apply). Your layout files must all be submitted and approved before a contract can be created. An order is not deemed "officially placed" until a contract is signed and a deposit is paid.

How to Order

If you are a previous custom sequencing client from last season or the season before, please reach out to us directly at If you are new and interested in becoming a Luminous Harmony client, please fill out this form to be placed on our Custom Sequencing Waiting List.

Due to our recurring client base over the past decade, we are only able to accept a limited number of new clients each season, and are typically booked by May or June. In the event that we are not able to accept your project from the waiting list this season, please visit our Create Your Own Harmony Sequencing page to learn more about our pre-programmed sequence options.

At the end of the season, we will send out an email asking if you would like to remain on the list and/or modify the scope of your project to remain in your same spot on the waiting list for the next year. If a response if not recieved within two weeks of our email, your request will be removed from the list.

Terms of Service

As a custom sequencing client, you will be asked to sign a document with terms and conditions specific to your display before sequencing begins. Luminous Harmony is a sequencing and design company and does not provide in person training or technical support for hardware set up, in person installation, or support for E1.31 network configuration.

Prices per second of programming are subject to change without notice. Quotes will be honored for 30 days after they are given if no layout changes are made. Clients that have already signed a contract at a specific rate will not be subject to any price increases for shows they have already purchased.

Payment for custom sequencing is accepted via mailed check or online payment by credit card. Sequencing will not begin and sequences will not be delivered until the deposit and final payments, respectfully, have cleared. In order for discounts to be applied and an order to be "officially placed," a contract must be signed and a deposit must be paid by the appropriate date.

Contact US

Please email us with any questions by filling out our general form or reaching out directly via one of the email addresses below. Stay up to date on Luminous Harmony news and services by signing up for our mailing list or liking our page on Facebook.