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Luminous Harmony is the exclusive home to the JR Dibble collection of singing face sequences for the original AC channel, 5-mouth movement singing face props. These singing face sequences are set up in a universal character format so you can use them with any type of face (Tree, Pumpkin, Bulb, Monster, etc.) as long as the standard 8 channels exist on your physical face (Outline, Eyes Open, Eyes Closed, Top Lip, Middle Lip, Bottom Lip, Ah, Oh). These sequences are not built for RGB faces and require customer modification for this type of use.

Purchase Sequences

Purchase singing faces sequences or Create Your Own Harmony sequences by visiting our Sequence Store. You will be sent an email with downloadable links after your Singing Face Sequence purchase.


These Singing Face Sequences can be used with Light-O-Rama S4, S5, or S6. The layout for the singing faces is included in the animator of S4 and requires no additional Visualizer file for use. To use these Sequences with S5 or S6, you will need a Preview. You can either download and import one of these three files, or import the sequences directly into your own singing face props that you've already configured.

If you need further assistance using these sequences or importing the files above, you can follow these in depth video instructions below. If the video is too fast or too slow, change the speed by clicking on the settings "gear" icon in the lower right corner of the video. Please note that these videos do not have sound. Instructions are displayed in text boxes throughout the video.

Use Sequences in S5/S6

Use Sequences in S4


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