Animation Sequencing


Many displays choose to run musical shows back to back in a continuous loop, but what if your home is in a location that can't handle constant traffic or where people can't stay for a long time to watch? Animation sequences give you the option to space out your “main event” musical shows and still give your audience something to watch while they wait for the next scheduled song, or create an entire show purposely intended not to go with music.

Luminous Harmony offers animation sequences for RGB and Non-RGB fixtures, as well as for a mixture of the two types of lights within the same display. We can also configure any animation to play with a voiceover so that your audience can learn more about your display, or set the animation to a song of your choice (without the effects going in time with the music).

Example pricing and animation types for residential displays can be found below. Please contact us for information regarding commercial use.

Smart RGB Animation

RGB Animation Loops are a great way to showcase the vast array of possible RGB effects without setting the effects to the beats of music. An animation loop will change effects every 4-8 seconds, meaning a longer animation loop will allow for more effects for your audience to enjoy.

RGB Animation Loop Lengths Price Per Multi Strand/Large Prop (Mega Tree, Matrix) Price Per Single Strand/Small Prop (Arch, Roof Section, Column, etc.)
1 Minute Animation Loop $55.00 $5.50
2 Minute Animation Loop $80.00 $8.00
3 Minute Animation Loop $105.00 $10.50

RGB Color Fade Loops slowly fade the entire RGB prop from one color to another for the specified loop length without any horizontal or vertical pixel movement. Color Fade Loops can be purchased for all of the RGB lights in your display or you may choose to have a combination of Animation and Color Fade effects within the same sequence so that Color Fades correlate to the animation effects used on a focal prop. Please contact us for options if you have dumb RGB props in your display.

RGB Color Fade Loop Lengths Price Per Multi Strand/Large Prop (Mega Tree, Small Tunnel, Matrix, etc.) Price Per Single Strand/Small Prop (Arch, Roof Section, Column, etc.)
1 Minute Animation Loop $15.00 $1.50
2 Minute Animation Loop $20.00 $2.00
3 Minute Animation Loop $25.00 $2.50

Please contact us for animation options if your home has less than four small props and no large props or unusually shaped or arranged prop sets.

Your display contains multiple RGB elements - a pixel outline of your roof, four columns on your porch, and a mega tree on one side of your yard. You know how vast the options are for RGB effects, so you decide to order a loop of two minutes worth of RGB Animation for your mega tree. In order to not take away from the animation potential of the mega tree, you just want your roof outline and columns to slowly change colors in the background via a Color Fade Loop.

Prop Loop Type Price
RGB Mega Tree: 800 Bulbs (16 x 50) Animation $80.00
RGB Roof Outline: 4 Sections Color Fade $8.00 ($2.00 x 4)
RGB Columns: 4 Columns Color Fade $8.00 ($2.00 x 4)
Two Minute Loop: Total $96.00

Non-RGB Animation

Non-RGB lights are generally operated by Light-O-Rama AC Light Controllers. Animation of Non-RGB between your musical shows will keep your audience entertained through effects like color changes on multi-wrapped fixtures, leaping arch effects, or slow fades between related fixtures.

Non-RGB Animation Loop Lengths First 16 Animated Channels Additional sets of 16 Channels
1 Minute Animation Loop $30.00 $7.50
2 Minute Animation Loop $40.00 $10.00
3 Minute Animation Loop $50.00 $12.50

Based on layout design, you may want some Non-RGB fixtures to remain “on” with no movement during filler animation sequences. We can incorporate static "on" lights within an animated sequence for no additional charge, or provide you with one free sequence of all of your lights “on” if you’d like static breaks between your musical shows.

Non-RGB Static Loops Price For All Channels
One custom length sequence or 1, 2, or 3 minute loop FREE with the purchase of a Luminous Harmony animation loop or musical sequence

Your display contains five Light-O-Rama AC controllers for a total of 80 regular channels. You would like some animation between your musical shows, like various chase patterns on your mega tree, candy canes, and arches, and would like your four mini trees to alternate colors every few seconds (64 channels total). You decide that 16 of your channels would look best if they just remained “on” during that time (static), like the roof/window outlines and wrapped columns on your front porch. A one minute animation loop sounds great to you - cars don’t seem to stay in front of your house for more than 60 seconds if there’s no music playing.

Fixture Channels Price
Mega Tree - 8 Red & 8 White Strands 16 Channels $30.00 (first 16)
4 Mini Trees; 4 Colors Each 16 Channels $7.50
16 Candy Canes 16 Channels $7.50
8 Channel Arch (x2) 16 Channels $7.50
Animated Channels - 1 Minute Loop 64 Channels (Subtotal) $52.50
6 Roof Outline Sections 6 Channels
Window Outlines for 7 Windows 7 Channels
5 Front Porch Columns 5 Channels
Static Channels - 1 Minute Loop 16 Channels (Subtotal) FREE
Total Non-RGB - 1 Minute Loop 80 Channels $52.50

Animation Additions

Editable Format Upgrade

All animations are delivered in a non-editable file format unless an Editable Upgrade is purchased. Any Loop Length Extensions purchased will have the same permission set as the original purchased animation loop. If you will be using a Showtime Director and SD card to play your animation, you must purchase the sequence in editable format in order for it to run properly.

Animation Permission Types Price Per Loop
Non-Editable Format (1, 2, or 3 minute loop) +$0.00
Editable Format (1 minute loop) +$20.00
Editable Format (2 minute loop) +$30.00
Editable Format (3 minute loop) +$40.00

Loop Length Extensions

After purchasing any length animation loop, you have the option to request extensions of that loop to specific lengths, in addition to still receiving the original 1, 2, or 3 minute animation. An Extension will repeat the purchased animation loop X number of times based on the requested length, cleanly end the last effect, then fade all lights to “off” unless otherwise requested. Loop Length Extensions are ideal for displays that run musical shows on specific intervals, such as every 15 or 30 minutes. Extensions will default to the Editable/Non-Editable permission set of the originally purchased animation loop.

Animation/Color Fade Loop Extension Price per extension
Any length up to 60 minutes $5.00

You have two different musical shows that alternate every 15 minutes for your 64 non-RGB channel display (Traffic gets fairly backed up on your street). One song is 3:34 and the other is 2:48, which leaves you with gaps of 11:26 and 12:12 between your shows. At first, you planned to just loop the one minute animation, but it bothers you that the shows wouldn’t start exactly every 15 minutes. You don’t want to cut off the animation in the middle of an effect, so you decide to order two extensions of your one minute loop so that the animation nicely fades out after finishing up its current effect, and so you don’t have to add the one minute animation to your show line up 12 times. Three animations will be delivered in total: The original one minute loop, an animation 11:26 in length, and an animation 12:12 in length.

Animation Type Animation Length Price
64 Channels non-RGB Animation Loop One Minute $60.00
Loop Length Extension Length - 11:26 $5.00
Loop Length Extension Length - 12:12 $5.00
Total $70.00

Text Animation

A Text Animation is a separate file from animation loops that would be played a few seconds before your musical show begins. Choose to have a simple numerical countdown, or add in text to communicate with your audience or highlight the name of your display. Text animations are only available for RGB props with large flat surface areas, such as pixel grids, tunnels, and mega trees. Please contact us for questions for props not listed. Some words may not fit on certain mega tree configurations due to length.

Text Animation Elements Price
Text $1.00 per number
Text $5.00 per word
Text Color - All the same +$0.00 per sequence
Multiple Text Colors +$5.00 per sequence
Editable Format +$3.00 per sequence

Wireframe Animation

Wireframe animation scenes are a great way to add movement to venues where guests have the ability to walk or drive around an area. Wireframe scenes tell a short story through multiple placement options for the objects of focus, and are not typically set to music.

Documents must be given to Luminous Harmony that explain the desired scene events in detail (templates will be provided to you). Pricing for wireframe animation includes the creation of all software templates/previews necessary to create the animation. The scene in its entirety will be repeated so that file is approximately two minutes in length, which can then be looped to fill the desired time frame of a nightly attraction.

Wireframe Scene Elements Price Per Element
Scene Channels $2.00 per channel
Scene "Events" $1.00 per event
Wireframe Scene Animation Additions Price Per Animation
Editable Version of Animation +$5.00
Alteration Warranty (60 Days from delivery) +$5.00

You have a wireframe scene of Santa Claus picking up a present and loading it into his sleigh. There are a total of 8 channels in the scene - one for the sleigh, and seven variations of Santa and the present as it moves from the ground to the back of the sleigh. Since the sleigh channel would always remain “on” during the scene, there would be seven scene events in total to show Santa moving the present. You feel confident you filled out the templates correctly for what you would like to happen in the scene, but decide you would like the alteration warranty just in case you want to request changes after testing it live on your wireframe.

Element Price Per Element Total Price
8 Scene Channels $2.00 each $16.00
7 Scene Events $1.00 each $7.00
Alteration Warranty $5.00
Total $28.00

How to Order

Ready to start a conversation? Send an email to with as much of the information below as you can so we can assess the complexity of your animations. If you've already ordered musical sequences, let us know you're interested in adding on to your order.

  • Number of standard and RGB channels
  • If you are looking for standard or wireframe animation
  • If you've already purchased musical shows this season or in the past
  • When you want the animations delivered by

Animation FAQs

Absolutely! The price for RGB and non-RGB animation is calculated separately following the guidelines on this page, then added together for the total price of the animation. You must purchase both the RGB and non-RGB animations in the same editabile or non-editable format - you can not order different permission sets. All of the lights will be animated within the same file. Please see the example below for pricing for a 1 minute Animation Loop.

Fixtures Channels Cost
8 Channel Arch (x2) 16 Non-RGB Channels $30.00 (first 16)
4 Bushes; 4 Colors Each 16 Non-RGB Channels $7.50 (additional 16)
RGB Mega Tree (16 x 50) Large Prop Animation $55.00
Total $92.50

If you would like to add audio to your animations, such as an informational voiceover or a background song of your choice, you must inform Luminous Harmony before you make your animation purchase. The file must be configured differently during set up or audio files cannot be used. Animation effects will not go in time with music if you choose to add a song to your animation. Luminous Harmony will create your animation in an alternative file format for no additional charge. Fees to order an animation loop length extended to the specific length to fit your audio still apply.

If you have already purchased musical sequences, you will not need to pay the fee for the required templates again if Luminous Harmony created any or all of the editor previews. If you are only ordering animations (no musical sequences), the fee for required editor templates still applies if you do not plan to create and provide the necessary templates yourself. Any displays with RGB Animation loops must use LOR S5.

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