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"Established display or just looking to start - let our skills in designing set your show apart"

Luminous Harmony was founded in 2012 by Aubrey Kall, who brought three prior years of sequencing experience into the business. After seeing how happy her home display made her community, she wanted a way to spread the joy brought by holiday light shows and bring other people into the hobby. Through Luminous Harmony, she has sequenced over 200 shows, ranging from indoor living room displays to entire drive through parks. Combining 17 years of musical experience with a decade of a technological background has resulted in a style of sequencing heavily focused on the intricacies of music so that the timings are always precise.

Since the company’s start, it has grown in team members and services to now also offer layout design work and a style of sequencing that falls between “canned” and “custom.” The unique models of both sequencing and design allow us to build relationships with our customers rather than delivering everything via “Add to Cart.” This means we get to know you, you get to know us, and we can create something together that brings your imagination to life. Explore our services , view our portfolio, and see why, at Luminous Harmony, the quality of service is well worth the price.

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